Eijkman & Kuipers HealthCare B.V.

How we operate

Patient is key

At Eijkman & Kuipers HealthCare B.V. we are committed to:

  • having the patient and their physician at the centre of all we do
  • understanding what type of information the practitioner and their patient needs to reach a decision on the most appropriate therapy
  • improving compliance, which ultimately will lead to the best possible treatment results.

What makes us different?

Over many years we have built a unique cooperation with opinion leaders in the field of musculoskeletal disorders that translated ultimately into a preferred partnership.

Key conditions for this are our diligence, reliability, sincere commitment and a very robust scientific approach. At all times we respect the practitioner’s professional autonomy.

Our strategic advisory business sets us apart from others because we also effectively implement our recommendations. Our expertise and extensive network allows us to work faster and hence achieve tangible results more quickly.

At Eijkman & Kuipers HealthCare B.V. we have a passion for the business we’re in. In our distribution business we look at mutual interests and work together with our partner, not just for our partner.

Eijkman & Kuipers Healthcare B.V. will demonstrate a patient-centric focus on all our activities.

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